Keogh House



My own personal residenance, which has been the catalyst for this business, Which started life very different to the end result that is being constructed in 2017 to 2020.

The design process was 3 years in the making and with the help of Anatoly Patrick Architecture the base concept for the design was started and through over 9 changes we finally arrived at a design concept that could be drawn up an taken to council for final approval.

While like most people my wife and I had some basic wants, needs an must have's in the build. But due to a very difficult site that is at the end of a cud-de-sac. This problem need a great deal of visualisation to give this build the WOW factor that we wanted but most importantly it had to deliver on use for now and the future lifestyle requirement. Plus we wanted to absolutely make sure every room had an ocean view and the main living area utilise the 180 degree coastal view,

We had major problems get our energy rating until we could show that the main living area would achieve large amounts of natural sunlight to help heat the room in winter and only receive small level of very late afternoon sun in summer helping cooling needs. All this with place only a 2.4m roof area over the western facing deck and 1m overhang on northern facing gantry.

I created a 3D model so we could look at the build from all angles and undertake changes to maxise use of the site.

Google Earth View of property
Looking South at side profile of property
Exterior Fly - Around
Walking into grand room
3D Elevation of Street Level
Grand Room 360 view
3D Elevation of Ground Floor and Decks
Solar Study

Illustration of solar passive effecting light entry into living area. This image represents how much sun light enters the living room at 3pm in June. 

The exact location of property and north aspect is given to help in design process.


Same area now furnished for client to visualise size, layout and space of room. 

It can also help with colour and interior design choice's

Lighting Effects Rear

Lighting Effects Front movie

From concept to reality

First pull out 600 tonne of dirt

Than pour lower floor slab
Add some huge 8m piers and robust footing, steel for column supports
Than start building 6 by 8m core filled walls to help anchor the cantilever

325 X 8mm Steel Columns

Assembling Steel subframe

Completed Subframe

Special thank you to Domonic and his team @ DS STRUCTURIAL for fabrication, painting and installation .

Installation of precast panels for grand room floor sub base

Five 10 tonne precast panels made by TILT UP SA,

Once again a special thank you to Paul and his team for a absolutely seamless job. 

Installed with the help of FLEURIEU CRANES,

Who used 130 tonne crane, note it's boom goes up 100m's, 

Ready for main floor to be poured to lock it back into main building
Topping slab added and roof structural steel
Bedroom wing flooring
Timber Framing
Scaffolding up for roofing and rendering
Waiting for Windows
Rendering Front
Front windows installed
Rear windows installed
Sunset view in grand room 

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